Chris Townsend

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I have worked in the software industry for several years, I've had various roles across my career from leading an agile SCRUM development team to a senior software engineer, which is where I am at the moment. I have worked both for agencies and in house software houses, spanning various different challenges, may that be large scale product deployments in international countries, to single Greenfield projects for clients. I get a kick out of solving problems, delivering projects on time and mentoring other developers. I am currently focusing on programming and growing my skills in Golang on a serverless event-driven stack with my main previous focus being PHP and JavaScript I've worked with large brands to deliver their content through DCB, which involves working with brands like WWE and the NBA. Currently working for PMConnect and enjoying my new journey with Golang and carrier integrations My Experience: * Working with AWS Serverless architecture and data pipelines * Migrating Large monolith code bases to smaller manageable micro-services * Tracking on a large scale * Managing infrastructure so that we can deliver quickly into new territories * People management of developers ranging from Junior to Senior * Mentorship of developers and managing their goals and training. * Running stand-ups and organising work through Kanban or Scrum, depending on projects * Dealing with time-sensitive requirements Coding and infrastructure experience * Golang - Since Jan 2020 * PHP 7, Laravel and Symfony (5+ years commercially) * JavaScript - VueJS, JQuery (5+ years commercially) * Python - Experimental/hobby usage * Relational databases (5+ years commercially) * AWS - SQS, Kinesis, DynamoDB Lambda etc - Fairy new commercially (6 months) * Gitlab CI/CD * Kubernetes (1 year) * Docker (2+ years)